History of Schibi Heating & Cooling

1937 Ed Schibi Heating
In 1937, Edward and Hazel Schibi set the foundation for a solid and strong future.
The company was originally called "Ed Schibi Heating" and began when he was a 
sub-contractor for Sears & Roebuck. His 1937 Chevrolet Coupe served not only as
his warehouse but also as as his delivery truck and transportation. His only child 
at the time, 10 year old Ken, would thread pipe with the first piece of machinery
that Ed purchased. Until 1957, the company primarily consisted of Ed Schibi, 
Marty Smith, and Ed's wife, Hazel, who would oversee all the bookkeeping and
secretarial work.

In 1957, Ken graduated from high school and learned first-hand
from these two men how the business operated until 1962, when Ken took over 
the business from his Dad and changed the name to Schibi Heating and Cooling Corporation. The site of the business changed from a rented garage attic on Haubner Road to its present location at 5025 Hubble Road. After a devastating fire in 1961,
the building was re-built and expanded many times over the years.

2012 Schibi Heating & Cooling
Throughout the past 75 years, the company has steadily maintained the highest
degree of service and expertise while continuing to insist on the utmost level 
of honesty and ethical business practices. Ken, his brother Dale, and four generations
of family members have ensured the company's philosophy of "Maximum Quality Service at a Fair Price," is stronger than ever!

Ken has always put his business in God's hands and has kept Schibi an honest 
name that is recognizable throughout the Cincinnati area. Bob Behrendt, the
company's business/financial consultant and friend, was quoted as saying, "Often
times you've heard it said that you judge a person by the company he keeps but 
I would like to turn that around. We judge this company by the people it keeps. 
The teamwork exhibited by the Schibi Company is something to behold and I 
want to tell you I'm happy to be a part of that team."

Schibi Heating & Cooling remains one of the most highly respected companies 
in the industry. We continue to enhance our product line and educate our knowledgeable staff with the latest technological advancements. With decades 
of collective, comprehensive knowledge and experience, you will receive the 
highest level of concern and attention. We are able to provide the most value 
and innovation per dollar spent.

As you can see we are proud of our heritage and our present commitment to
serving our clients
. We hope that you will become a part of our long list of 
satisfied customers. We will treat you as family.

Thank you for considering Schibi Heating & Cooling for your next service or
installation comfort needs.

Schibi...your best source for professional, quality-driven service at a fair price.

Ken 56 years of service
Brett  12 years of service
Chris 19 years of service
Craig 23 years of service
Dale 41 years of service
David 5 years of service
Doug K 33 years of service
Doug K
Doug L 7 years of service
Doug L
John 37 years of service
Schibi HVAC
Mark 19 years of service
Schibi HVAC installation
Mike A
Lana 33 years of service
Caroline 1 year of service
Michele 2 years of service